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Træt af langsomt internet? Få maksimal hastighed på jeres netværk med en løsning fra TD-K. Læs mere. IT. IT skal være nemt! Få en skræddersyet cloud-løsning …

Sikkerhed Netværk IT

Sikkerhed │ Netværk │ IT

Leverandør til dansk erhvervsliv. Hos TD-K er vi specialister i sikkerhed, netværk og IT. Skal jeres virksomhed have en skræddersyet IT-løsning med fokus på sikkerhed, stabil drift og høj funktionalitet? Læs også om vores sikkerheds- og netværksløsninger her på siden.

Web Engineering: 5th International Conference, ICWE 2005, …

Web Engineering: 5th International Conference, ICWE 2005, Sydney, Australia … – Google Bøger

Over the last few years Web Engineering has begun to gain mainstream acc- tance within the software engineering, IT and related disciplines. In particular, both researchers and practitioners are increasingly recognizing the unique c- racteristics of Web systems, and what these characteristicsimply in terms of the approaches we take to Web systems development and deployment in practice. A scan of the publications in related conference proceedings and journals highlights the diversity of the discipline areas which contribute to both the ri- ness and the complexity of Web Engineering. The 5th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2005), held in Sydney, Australia, extends the traditions established by the earlier conferences in the series: ICWE2004 in Munich, Germany; ICWE2003 in Oviedo, Spain; ICWE2002 in Santa Fe, Argentina; and ICWE2001 in Caceres, ́ Spain. Not only have these conferences helped disseminate cutting edge research within the ?eld of Web Engineering, but they have also helped de?ne and shape the discipline itself.TheprogramwehaveputtogetherforICWE2005continuesthisevolution. Indeed, we can now begin to see the maturing of the ?eld. For possibly the ?rst time, there was very little debate within the Program Committee about which papers were in and out of scope, and much more debate as to the each papers contributions to the ?eld.

Combatting Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: In Search of …

Combatting Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: In Search of Optimal Enforcement – Google Bøger

This book focuses on the enforcement aspect of tobacco control policy, and argues that the intense regulation of the tobacco market will never be successful as long as it can be circumvented by the availability of illicit tobacco products. Yet, current efforts to combat illicit tobacco trade are insufficient, suffering from several flaws and gaps at the regulatory and operational levels. The aim of this book is to provide an analysis of the legal framework and practice of enforcement with regard to illicit tobacco products. Combining criminological and legal perspectives, it presents and critically analyses the phenomenon of illicit tobacco trade, as well as the policies, legal frameworks and practices in six EU countries with regard to combatting this phenomenon, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their approaches. Furthermore, it studies the relationship between the EU and third countries (e.g. Ukraine) in terms of how the EU can influence policy and enforcement in these countries in order to counter illicit tobacco trafficking. Not exclusively focusing on the EU, the book also includes an analysis of enforcement against illicit tobacco products in the US. The EU Member States analysed in the book (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands and Poland) reflect the range of currently available approaches. Some of them have ratified the WHO Protocol against tobacco smuggling; others have not. They belong to different legal traditions and face different challenges due to their respective border situations. While Belgium and the Netherlands are key entry ports to the EU, Poland and Latvia represent the Eastern land border of the EU, with various regional challenges. Italy has a long maritime border, where trafficking is possible from Northern Africa and from the Middle East. It also has significant experience in fighting organised crime. Lastly, Germany is the largest market in Europe and situated in the middle of these trafficking routes.

Soil Survey of … [various Counties, Etc.]. – Resultat for Google Books

Soil Survey of … [various Counties, Etc.]. – Google Bøger

How Shold I Pronounce? Or, The Principles of the Art of …

How Shold I Pronounce? Or, The Principles of the Art of Correct … – William Henry Pinkney Phyfe – Google Bøger

The Standard Poland-China Record

The Standard Poland-China Record – Standard Poland-China Record Association, Maryville, Mo – Google Bøger

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